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How to Plan Honeymoon Cruises

romanticcruiseWith so many options facing you, it is easy to become confused or overwhelmed by all the choices when booking a honeymoon cruise. The following tips are here to make it easier for you to plan your honeymoon cruise.

When you speak to your travel agent, make sure you inform her that this is a honeymoon cruise. Cruise lines are keen to attract newlyweds and will offer many incentives, including gifts or discounts.

First, decide where you would like to visit. Honeymoon cruises in the Caribbean are popular, especially to the sun worshipers out there, but there are literally hundreds of different locations for honeymoon cruises throughout the world. Considering your options carefully will ensure that you have a unique experience.

Decide how big you want the vessel to be. There are all sizes of vessels available for honeymoon cruises, from huge passenger ships with thousands of passengers to smaller yachts with only a few dozen passengers. Do you want to share the cruise with the population of a small town, or are you looking for a more private setting? Bear in mind that smaller vessels may be prone to more turbulence during storms or heavy winds, which can make some people nauseous or nervous, so sea legs help here. Larger vessels can include more facilities for people on a honeymoon cruise – however, some people compare the experience to honeymooning in a mall! Bare these points in mind when you make your decision.

Honeymoon cruises most often do not include bar expenses in the ticket price. Similarly there are other items such as gift and souvenir shops, excursions and other activities which you will need to fund separately. Keep these costs in mind when you book your honeymoon cruise.

Most tourists prefer not to carry cash for the sake of their personal security. If you do, you might want to bring along your own safe for valuables and cash. On a honeymoon cruise, you will typically have a shipboard account to cover your expenses. Remember that you are spending real money, even if you can’t see it!

When you pack for your cruise, make sure you bring any needed formal wear. Although most of the time will be spent dressed casually or in swimwear, most cruises include at least one night of formal entertainment, and dress codes are usually enforced. Also bear in mind that in many other countries local people dress conservatively and expect visitors to do the same. In short, ensure you bring a variety of clothing.

By far the most important thing is to make sure you have a plan in place before departing. This way you will be prepared in advance and all you’ll need to do is relax and enjoy your honeymoon cruise! One last tip to make the honeymoon great, suprise your new spouse with a limo or fort worth party bus rental and ride to the airport in style.

Honeymoon Travel

Romantic-Cruise-ShipHoneymoon Couple Strolling on Beach Traveling on your honeymoon is a trip of the lifetime, so you want to make sure you prepare for it thoroughly. Honeymoon travel requires you to make different preparations depending on where you are going, so you need to do your research. These tips will help you do your research.

Make a list of romantic honeymoon travel destinations.

Make a list of honeymoon travel destinations with your partner. Discuss the places you have always wanted to visit, the places you both consider romantic. Set a budget for your honeymoon travel. Ensure that you will both enjoy the trip.

Check the weather

Tropical honeymoon travel locations have a stable climate, which means that the weather is the same all year round. If you plan to travel elsewhere on your honeymoon, make sure you know what the weather will be like when you arrive so that you are not disappointed and that you pack appropriate clothes.

Consider any travel related rewards your credit card may have.

These days, many credit cards reward you with points that you can use to get a discount on your honeymoon travel. This can help you save money that you can then enjoy while on honeymoon. Bear this in mind, especially if you have a job that requires you to travel a lot.

Book your tickets

There are lots of bargains on the Internet for honeymoon travel. Usually, these deals are only available for a short time, so you will need to act fast if you want to save the most. Also, many of these deals are non-refundable, so you need to be sure of the date. Even if these “last minute” deals are not of any use to you (i.e. you may be planning months ahead), you should still shop around and find the best honeymoon travel deal. Some travel agents offer special packages for honeymoon travel.

Rent a Car

Assuming you intend to leave your hotel room, a car is a must. Honeymoon travel can take you to places that you want to explore, but you will wear out a lot of shoes if you insist on walking everywhere! While you are hiring your car, you should consider getting insurance to cover you for the duration of your honeymoon travel – your existing insurance almost certainly will not cover you in the case of an accident, so check your policy and see what your broker (or the car hire company) has to offer.

International Driving Permit

Your driving license does not necessarily permit you to drive abroad, so you should apply for an international driving permit (which you can get from the AAA). Honeymoon travel will likely take you to places where you need cars to get around.

Reserve a hotel

A tip for you when planning your honeymoon travel is to remember to mention to the hotel staff that you are on your honeymoon. The same applies when you check into the hotel. Many hotels offer special gift to honeymooning couples, such as a bottle of champagne or gift basket. Honeymoon travel is nicer with free gifts!

Apply for your Passport and Visa

Honeymoon travel abroad requires a valid passport and visa. Check that your passport is still valid, and apply for a new one at least eight weeks before you intend to travel. This allows time for the processing of your application and any complications that could occur.

Write a honeymoon travel “packing list”

That’s right, make a list now, before it’s time to pack! The last thing you want is to go off on your honeymoon travel and find out that you forgot to pack something that you’ll need! Many of the everyday necessities that you will need day to day will be available at your hotel (in most countries). However, you will want to make sure you bring any extra items such as sun screen, motion sickness medicine, etc. Also, you may want to bring romantic items such as bath candles, lingerie etc.

Plan to Spend!

Will you be using Traveler’s Checks or credit cards? A good honeymoon travel rule is not to carry large sums of money with you; a Traveler’s check can be canceled if it is stolen, as can a credit or debit card. If you are going to be using a credit card, make sure it is accepted in the countries your honeymoon travel will take you to.

Make sure you have a sound plan that covers all the basics as well as all the activities and dreams that you want to experience and your honeymoon travel will be stress free! So if you need that arlington appliance repair for that refrigerator, then plan on getting that done early on so you can get your budget together for your honeymoon trip.

Honeymoon On A Budget

Rear view of a couple sitting on beach with woman leaning head on man's shoulder

Budget Honeymoon Are you dreaming of Fiji but have a Florida budget? Did you have some extra bills you were accounting for? Like getting an arlington tx roof repair for that leaky roof. If your credit card needs a vacation more that you do, research and early planning may end up getting you the honeymoon of your dreams. Cheaply.

A Stateside Destination.

Choose a honeymoon destination you can reach by car and save yourself a ton of cash. If you’re within reasonable distance, you can still vacation abroad by finding romantic locations in both the Canadian mountains and Mexican beaches. And, there are plenty of beautiful spots here in the Homeland that are worth honeymooning: Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Cape Cod, Yellowstone, or Miami, just to name a few.

Pinch your pennies – just a couple.

A well-known budgeting tip is to cut out one item per day that you spend money on, stash it away, and watch it pile up. Cut out the gourmet coffee or make your own espressos and you’re saving up to $4.00 a pop. Bring your lunch to work and that saves up to $50 a week (or more). These are only a couple of ideas that could add up to 70 extra dollars a week.


For the nature-loving couple, there are 48 National Parks in the U.S. and literally hundreds of state parks and forests that are perfect for an outdoor camping honeymoon. Some parks even offer cabin rentals that are still much less expensive than any hotel. With a little research you might find a more-than-suitable honeymoon plan where you and your honey can spend romantic nights under the Milky Way.

United States Exotic Islands.

Well, almost. For a little more cash you can splurge on a bed and breakfast on one of these remote, romantic islands that are also domestic: the barrier islands off the coast of Georgia and Alabama, the beautiful quiet beaches of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, or the old-fashioned hotels and harbor of California’s Catalina Island are all romantic getaways that won’t break the bank.

When to go.

Avoiding peak vacation times and the crowds and rates that go along with them is going to save you more than money. To save yourself precious dollars on plane fare and room costs, avoid taking your honeymoon from June through the beginning of September (summer vacation time) and January through March (if you’re going somewhere tropical, that’s prime getaway time for Northerners). If you’re getting married during one of these high-traffic vacation seasons, then take a couple of days to go somewhere close and romantic right after the wedding, and then save your money for the off-peak extravaganza you’ve been waiting for.

Is a Cruise Right for You?

Honeymoon-on-a-Cruise1Is a Cruise Right for You Many honeymooners are deciding that taking a cruise is the best value for their money. Whether you’re looking for a trip through the Greek Isles or along the Alaskan coast, it’s a great way to visit several destinations for one, often very affordable, price. Here’s a look at some popular destinations and cruise lines.

Just like the all-inclusive vacation, the Caribbean is by far the most popular choice for honeymoon couples to take a cruise. From the sandy beaches of Jamaica to the crescent-shaped string of the Virgin Islands, a Caribbean cruise promises the very best in tropical luxury. For couples on the West Coast, cruises to Hawaii and Mexico are becoming more and more popular. If these options don’t tickle your fancy, don’t forget that cruise ships travel all over the globe, so finding a line that will take you where your heart desires isn’t difficult. So if you want to cruise the Greek Isles, the fjords of Norway or the New England coast you’ll probably find what you’re looking for.

Once you’ve decided where to go, you need to determine who will get you there. Some cruise lines offer competitive packages, including airfare to the point of embarkation and activities at each port. Here are just a few of the cruise lines that can make your honeymoon on the high seas a special one.

Princess Cruise Lines sails honeymooners anywhere. Popular destinations include the romantic warm water ports in the Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Hawaii and the Mediterranean. While Norwegian Cruise Lines hosts many newlyweds traveling to the eastern Caribbean, as well as Bermuda and Mexican ports. The Orient Lines adventure-packed exotic cruises to Africa, Australia, Asia and the South Pacific. Holland America sends couples all over the high seas, in luxury and style. Most cruises are affordable but the costs can skyrocket to over $4000 per person depending on your destination and length of the cruise.

A cost-effective alternative a little closer to home might be a Delta Queen Steamboat Co. cruise. You sail down the Mississippi River from the northern point of Minneapolis/St. Paul all the way south to New Orleans. They offer many packages, including Dixieland, Kentucky Derby and Old South deals. Or you if you’re feeling adventurous a Windjammer “Barefoot Cruise” may be just the thing. It’s like camping on the ocean, except there will be no crossbow hunting involved! Before you decide on a cruise line, be sure and do your homework. Ask around and see if any of your friends or family have taken a cruise they really enjoyed. If you like to keep fit, make sure you investigate the standard of gym. There should be all modern equipment from the best rowing machines to bikes, treadmills and cross trainers.

Always make your arrangement through a reputable travel agent and confirm what you’re getting for the price. That way you won’t be surprised and have to spend your honeymoon in a stateroom the size of a locker. Make sure you bring all the essentials, if you have a thyroid problem make sure to have your thyax pills with you, to keep your condition under control.

Planning a Beach Wedding?

commercial photography

How Do You Choose the Best Photographer?

After sayings your “I do’s” during the wedding ceremony, after the guests have taken part in your sumptuous wedding dinner, after your best buddies have partied down to their heart’s content in their finest formal dresses during the wedding reception and once the honeymoon is finally over – all that you will have left to remember your wedding is the pictures, and your friends may, or (may not) want to remember how good (or bad) they looked in their sexiest evening dresses on that momentous occasion.

This is exactly the reason why one of the most important tasks that you have as a couple is to decide which photographer to go with. Let’s say that you are planning to hold a casual yet still romantic wedding by the beach. How will you choose the best photographer who will capture the most important moments on your big day? Read on to find out.

Photo journalistic or Traditional Style?

Basically, the first thing that you need to look for is a photographer who specializes in beach weddings. In an indoor setting, it is much easier for a photographer to capture the romantic mood – but to do that in an outdoor setting like the beach is an entirely different matter. It takes a certain amount of skill to be able to take professional-looking photos during the sunset – or catch the after-party mood on the reception.

Now, there are two styles that a beach photographer may have: the photo journalistic style or the traditional style. For the traditional style, the couple and the guests may be asked to pose so that the wedding photos will turn out great.

On the other hand, there are photographers who use the photo journalistic style – or a series of candid pictures which tell a story. No matter which of these two styles you prefer, the important thing is to choose a photographer whose work you like the best. This way, you can rest assured that the photos for your beach wedding will be something that even the future generations in your family will ooh and ahh over.

A Final Word about Choosing a Beach Wedding Photographer

At the end of the day, choosing a wedding photographer – whether it’s a ceremony held by the beach or within the confines of a church – is all a matter of following your gut instinct.

After considering practical aspects like the price of the package and the availability of the wedding photographer – the most important factor in making the final decision is if the photographer’s past work on weddings was able to touch your heart. Once the wedding is all done, they you can party, if you’ve planned a wedding on an exotic beach, you can rent the best inflatable sup for surfing and get your party on!